J. Korin -

About them -
Situated in Surat, J. Korin is a multi-divisional textile company. They have established themselves as a significant player in the Surat textile industry with their top-notch service and textile manufacturing services. From fiber manufacturing to finished fabrics, the company operates across the whole value chain of the textile industry, integrating its processes efficiently. A top-of-the-line technology infrastructure enables them to manufacture yarn, pre-winded bobbins, yarn dyeing, fabric manufacturing, textile machinery trading, and recycled fiber manufacturing.

Our work -
To help them develop a greater presence in their industry, J Korin needed an agency and a team with experience in creating and designing exhibits. To promote their brand, substantiate their top-notch work, and showcase their position as industry leaders, we invest a substantial amount of time and energy.
Their mission was to create an interactive exhibit that educates others about their work and contributions to society. In order to satisfy their expectations and requirements for exhibit design and implications, they turned to Branding Bees Corporation.
With a design and implementation that reflected their brand messaging and brand identity in accordance with their market, but that was also globally relevant, we worked on the project.
Designed as interactive and tactile booths on site, as well as changeable booths for any last-minute changes, according to their system, the booths were intended to reflect and capture the attention of numerous visitors to their brand.

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